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Nancy Ajram -




Track list : 1:06 Albi Ya Albi 3:40 3am Bet3alla2 Feek 7:42 Betfakar Fi Eih 9:42 Ma Tegi Hena 11:45 El Donia Helwa 15:10 Ya Ghali 16:01 Helm El Banat 18:42 Badna Nwalee El Jaw On May 26th 2020 Lebanese star Nancy Ajram gave a solo performance in Beirut exclusively livestreamed on YouTube as message of Hope, Love and Joy during Covid-19 period. “The world as we know it is changing yet again but we’re ready to stand through much more, knowing that we’re all in this together. We may be separated by borders, but we’re one, strong, beating heart. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow, let’s hold on tight to our loved ones, whether near or far, and let’s continue appreciating what we have knowing that someone, somewhere, is even more in need than we are. Kindness and love will always conquer all. Together we can create a more humane world”. – Nancy Ajram Management: In2Musica Artist Manager: Jiji Lamara Arrangements: Bassem Rizk AB Brothers Sound Engineer: Jihad Samaha Mixing: Elie Barbar Production House: Good People Films Director: Samir Syriani Creative Director: Samir Syriani & Nadyn Chalhoub DOP: Pierre Mouarkech Producers: Chantal El Haber, Sarah Touma Art Director: Assaad Khoueiry Camera Unit: Alain Donio, Ramy Lattouf, Chady Barakat, Pauline Maroun, Zaven Barsoumian Drone Unit: Fares Corbani, Carlos Rbeiz Special thanks to all the musicians who performed in this concert! This project was realized in partnership with Believe ( Thank you YouTube Subscribe to the official channel of Nancy Ajram Keep listening to Nancy Ajram on : Follow Nancy Ajram: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram: #NancyYTLive #NancyYTlivestream #StayHome #Withme